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Our Services. medicine

Full Ayurvedic Consultation : 90mins

Follow-up Consultation : 30mins

Online Ayurvedic consultation : 60mins

Ayurvedic Massages/treatments


Our Services. Pinda prep

Abhyanga: Ayurvedic whole body massage (90mims ) ;

Shiroabhyanga :Ayurvedic head massage (30min);

Pinda Sveda : Pain treatment using Herbal Bolus Treatment (40mins);

Kati Basti ; Lower back treatment (60mins);

Shirodhara : Warm oil flow on forehead (60mins);

Luxury Treatments


Our Services. facial

Ayurvedic Facials with ingredients to suit your skin type (75mins)

Hand Treatment : Ayurvedic massage followed by scrub, mask (75mins )

Foot Treatment: Ayurvedic massage followed by soak in herbal decoction, scrub and mask (75mins)



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