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Dr Prathima Nagesh

Dr Prathima Nagesh obtained her degree (BAMS) from SDM College of Ayurveda, Udupi, India. She subsequently specialized in Panchakarma MD from SDM College of Ayurveda, Hassan, India. She is also trained in Clinical Research (GCSRT) from Harvard Medical School in 2020.
She has been practising in the UK and Europe for more than 16yrs. She has a clinic in Essex, UK and also in Harley Street, London, UK. She has been a lecturer for past 18yrs, and works at the College of Ayurveda(Milton Keynes) and used to work at the Middlesex University London. Dr Prathima Nagesh is also a visiting expert at School van Ayurveda (school of Ayurveda) in Gent, Belgium. She is also a visiting Vaidya and Academic director in Ahimsa Centre and Academy, Paris. She is a visiting Vaidya at the Veda House , Zagreb, Croatia.

Dr Prathima Nagesh is an internationally acclaimed speaker. She has presented papers and given talks on Ayurveda in many international conferences and institutes in India and Europe. She has represented the Ayurvedic Medical Association and College of Ayurveda at the House of Parliament, during Ayurvedic meetings for discussion on regulations. Dr Prathima Nagesh is the director of Agnihealthcare Ltd, UK, which provides quality Ayurvedic treatments.


Agni Healthcare. Vinutafnl

Dr Vinuta Satish
Dr. Vinutha Satish is a affluent and progressive practitioner of Ayurveda since 1998, specialising in Medicine, yoga and Panchkarma applications with many years of quality experience in Ayurvedic care and support for chronic and acute patients. As a strong believer of Ayurvedic way of living and to widen her knowledge she started her journey as a Chief Ayurvedic Consultant at Ojus Health Care, Bangalore and Kottaikal Aryavaidya sala. To further enhance her work she joined Aryavaidya pharmacy, Coimbatore and obtained good experience in panchakarma application for chronic diseases and overseeing various therapies and massages. She believes in preventive care of Ayurveda and maintaing well being of a healthy person through proper diet and lifestyle management. Her approach of using herbs and spices in cooking to maintain tridoshas in equilibrium are immensely appreciated. Presently she is helping patients and advising them complete Body Dosha analysis and accordingly suggesting purification process and later maintaining body through proper diet and life style management.

Agni Healthcare. Khooshi

Khooshi Singh
Khooshi Singh was introduced to Ayurveda through a venture with a friend but the
simplicity of a different way to look at health won her over. The fact that Ayurveda offers no quick fix
but lasting changes to live a healthy and happy life to the full is the attraction for her. In this day and
age where we seem to be constantly running from one situation to another, Ayurveda, for her, offers
the stability we require for a balanced life.
Khooshi believes, Ayurveda in not just some oils and herbs but a way of life in harmony with Mother Nature.
Khooshi was trained as a therapist in London. Then she received further training in India.
Khooshi says," The learning continues every day, with every client".

Agni Healthcare. Anjali fnl

Dr Anjali Malik
Anjali Malik is a successful practitioner of Ayurveda since 2001, specialising in Medicine and Lifestyle & Nutrition and Weight loss Management with a varied and rich experience in handling national as well as international Patients. She successfully ran a health and wellness multi-disciplinary clinic “Kalpanjali“for 7 years where all treatments and programs were customized to provide the best in results, relaxation and stress management. Practiced Integrated therapy Services in a Multi disciplinary frame work (Ayurveda treatments, Yoga, Meditation, Lifestyle & Nutrition and Physiotherapy) with emphasizes on holistic healing by working towards alleviating pain and discomfort by offering a complete body approach. She has extensive experience in hospital and clinical settings with a strong background dealing with chronic disease population. Extensive knowledge in Ayurvedic Therapies, Pathya , Apathyas ,Massages ,Beauty treatments and Panchakarma treatments. Extensive experience in Lifestyle and Nutrition Consultations and sound knowledge of Yoga & Mediation. She has good verbal, written communication skills and is well versed with MS office and computers


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